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In the current economic climate are you worried about how the nuclear industry and governments may try and spin the finances for new power stations? Will you end up paying for new nuclear power plants? Where are the new sites going to be built in the UK? What about the waste? Where will it be stored? Will it be secure?

All these issues have not yet been resolved, yet the British government is pushing ahead with a new generation of nuclear power plants. To assist people understand key issues on nuclear power, NuclearSpin has launched a series of in-depth analysis pieces on key issues surrounding the debate concerning building new nuclear power plants in the UK. To access just click on the title:

  • Nuclear Costs and Finances

An in-depth look at the costs and financing of the nuclear industry.

  • Nuclear Siting

This briefing paper examines where new nuclear plants may be sited in the UK

  • Nuclear Waste

Worried about how the government is going to spin nuclear waste. Then read this briefing paper.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning

A critical examination of the issues that surround decommissioning in the UK

  • A Nuclear Slush Fund?

A look at whether the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is using a “slush fund” to curry influence with local communities.

  • Finally one new Analysis section has been added called Is the Debate on Nuclear Being Fixed?


NuclearSpin was originally launched in response to the British Government’s 12-week consultation on energy in 2006. In 2007, the High Court ruled that the Government’s plans to build a new generation of nuclear power stations were “unlawful” and the way it consulted with the public over the decision was “misleading, seriously flawed, manifestly inadequate and procedurally unfair”

What makes Brown’s decision in January 2008 to give the goahead to a new generation of nuclear plants politically sensitive is that his younger brother Andrew Brown works for EDF Energy, the UK subsidiary of EDF, which is one of the leading companies pushing for a nuclear rebuild programme in the UK.

The Labour Government is also speeding up the planning process, making it easier for nuclear power plants to be built. Planning Minister, Yvette Cooper has already had to fight off criticism of “nuclear cronyism” due to her father’s links to the nuclear industry too.

For a full briefing on the so-called ‘facilitative actions’ which the Government is carrying out to speed up nuclear developments see New Nuclear Monitor No.14 (pdf)

To help people make up their own mind about nuclear power, NuclearSpin has been updated and expanded.

  • There are new sections on countries and regions, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, the EU, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States;
  • Expanded profiles on pro-nuclear organisations and lobby groups.
  • An analysis section, including Why Nuclear is not the Answer to Climate Change and The_Secret_Pro-Nuclear_Push_In_Schools.
  • NuclearSpin is also working with Sourcewatch to develop a Nuclear Portal page. Some articles and profiles have now been deleted from the NuclearSpin site and moved across to SoureWatch. So if you cannot find what you are looking for here, try the Nuclear Portal.

We hope you will find the site useful and informative. We think you will discover that a better understanding of what is going on globally will help you understand what pro-nuclear spin doctors are up to in your country.